Patrik Fitzgerald / Jello Biafra & Motorpsycho - "Punch"  (Classic Black Vinyl)
Patrik Fitzgerald / Jello Biafra & Motorpsycho - "Punch"  (Classic Black Vinyl)
Patrik Fitzgerald / Jello Biafra & Motorpsycho - "Punch"  (Classic Black Vinyl)
Patrik Fitzgerald / Jello Biafra & Motorpsycho - "Punch"  (Classic Black Vinyl)
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Patrik Fitzgerald / Jello Biafra & Motorpsycho - "Punch" (Classic Black Vinyl)

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Patrik Fitzgerald / Jello Biafra & Motorpsycho - "Punch" 






BEAG6CGR141/Virus #522


“Baby Trump” by Christian Bloom. 

First published December 3rd 2016 in VG Helg.

Design by Håvard Winther Gjelseth



Alternative Tentacles Records and Crispin Glover Records is proud to present “Punch” a new split 7” from Patrik Fitzgerald and Motorpsycho featuring Jello Biafra, both performing Fitzgerald’s classic song, “Punch” 

Patrik Fitzgerald is an English singer-songwriter, known for being one of the originators of the Folk Punk movement. Ranked as one of the most memorable of the so-called “punk poets” he debuted in 1977 and has become known for his unique combination of punk outrage with a streak of optimism. 


Originally writing the song “Punch” in 1980, shortly after Margaret Thatcher had been elected Prime Minister of Great Britain. He had this to say about the song;

“At the time that the song was written, it seemed like the worst type of person to be in charge of a country would be a right wing monster like Margaret Thatcher or a dangerous ex-actor / reactionary like Ronald Reagan, a bit of a joke figure, but also a gun-toting and gun promoting right wing monster.


Nobody might have expected that , by the early 2020s, the world would end up in the hands of actual clowns like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, people written off by their own public as comedy buffoons, people to laugh at but not take too seriously.”


Side A features a new recording of the song from 2021, while on side B the track covered by the Norwegian rock group, Motopsycho with a bit of help from the legendary Jello Biafra. 

Originally forming 1989, and named after a Russ Meyer sexploitation classic, Motopsycho combines psychedelic influences with high energy punk rock n' roll. Their output has been vast and varied, averaging a new album per year over the course of their 35 year existence that has led to a diverse and sprawling catalog that has been a delight to many a record collector and music fan. 

Their version of "Punch" was originally recorded for the Crispin Glover Records tribute to Patrik Fitzgerald collection  'All Sewn Up’, back in 2009. The band went for an all-in hard rock approach for their version, something that Jello’s characteristic vocals only added sparkle and intent to, and it is safe to say that the result stood out, even on an album as densely packed with heavy hitters and great music as that one. 


“Punch” has been pressed 1100 on black vinyl and 1200 on orange vinyl and will be available in Spring 2024 as a dual release from Alternative Tentacles Records and Crispin Glover Records. 




Patrik Fitzgerald is an English singer-songwriter and an originator of folk punk.[2] The son of working-class Irish immigrant parents, he began recording and performing during the punk rock movement.
He ranked among the most memorable of the so-called "punk poets." and debuted in 1977 with the EP Safety Pin Stuck in My Heart, a collection combining the outrage of punk with a streak of optimism rare for its time and place; indeed, Fitzgerald's sincere attitude and eccentric appearance -- commonly, a badge-cluttered blazer, red drainpipe trousers and sandals -- set him squarely apart from his new wave brethren, and he was frequently the target of considerable derision from elitist audiences.

He has continued to record and release songs into the 21st century and is due to release some more vinyl recordings in 2024. These recordings have found a new home in Trondheim's (Norway) Crispin Glover Records, having previously had releases with Small Wonder, Final Solution,  Cherry Red, Red Flame, Himalaya, Lazy Dog, Beat Bedsit and Polydor.. His most recent live performances have been in 2015 and a film ('All the Years of Trying') was made by Dom Shaw in 2009 and can be watched in full on Youtube.


Punch lyrics:

If you want to be a politician, here, put this on.
(implying what could be a crown or a straitjacket).
He's a joke figure, taking himself serious,a gravedigger, pretending he's mysterious,a harmless little creepwho keeps on telling you he's great;some madman masquerading as a head of state,punch, (joke figure)punch..punch..punch.            
He's been sitting there for years;I wonder who gave him his throne?perhaps the king of england,perhaps the king of rome,perhaps his friends or relatives,who won it in some war,perhaps his mother, to shut him up -she bought it in a store;punch, (joke figures)
In a small, but perfect, playpen,they practise, badly, being grown-ups,no-one makes the right decisions,throwing childish tantrums;their mummies never gave them a dummy,too busy in the perfect kitchen,daddy gave them building bricksand they build useless houses;grown up as people in power now,parents disappeared or died,they just poke tongues out, from inside barsat people who'd really much prefer to pass them by.
I'll make a mockery of you,i'd love to take your bones apart,i'd love to inspect your insides,and see if there's blood in your heart,i'll fuck you up, the way you fuck upeverybody, every day, who look at you,and think they have some guiding star,to shine their way,but politics is a stupid game,it hasn't any rules,and 'politics' is just a word,like 'power', like 'tools' -politics is worthless,a complete waste of time,which never will quite qualifyfor the category of crime,punch..joke figures,punch..joke figures,punch..joke figures,punch joke figures.(repeat 1st verse)Punch!

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