Spidergawd - All And Everything 7"
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Spidergawd - All And Everything 7"

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A side : All And Everything
B side : My Occupation (Etableringsfasen)
7" Transparent green 300 copies


Cover illustrations : Emile Morel
Cover art direction : Håvard Gjelseth

This title is a pre-sale and will be shipped October 25th.

If You are not located in Scandinavia we advice You to buy Your copy from Stickman Records.
Some chosen words about the single from Per :
This first single track from Spidergawd V, was the first song we wrote for our upcoming album. 
For me personally, this is the track that defines our fifth album. I´m not completely sure why...
-But nevertheless, that is why it had to be the first single. 
I love this song, and I hope you like it too. 
B: MY OCCUPATION (Etableringsfasen)
Ever since I was a kid I have listened to blues or blues-based music. 
That`s what defines the tonality in my songwriting, the way I play my guitar, and EVERYTHING about the way I sing. 
The way I never tie myself completely to a songs origin also comes from the blues. 
With Spidergawd´s 7" singles I got some free space to do some blues covers. 
Such as: Skip James, Bukka White, Alan Vega (yes, Suicide is 100% pure blues)
Now the time has come to do a cover of a genius Norwegian folksinger/poet.  
His name is Stein Torleif Bjella. His original track is called "Etableringsfasen" 
The song stuck with me after listening to it just one time when Kenneth (who also plays drums in this band) got the first mix of their album. 
In the time before their album came out I had sung this song so many times in my head it had slowly changed into something slightly different. 
-and, this is that imaginary version. 
I translated and rewrote the lyrics to fit the language of the Blues, but the track is still the same song, by Stein Torleif. 
I am proud to know he really likes our version of his song. 
Hope you enjoy it!

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