Alexander Pettersen - Supply/Demand (LTD 180G Coloured LP/ CD included, 300 copies only)
Alexander Pettersen - Supply/Demand (LTD 180G Coloured LP/ CD included, 300 copies only)
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Alexander Pettersen - Supply/Demand (LTD 180G Coloured LP/ CD included, 300 copies only)

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Alexander Pettersen – Supply/Demand
LTD 180G mixed solid orange &

solid white vinyl with CD included

Coverdesign by Marthe Amanda Vannebo

Alexander Pettersen


The last time Alexander Pettersen released music under his own name was with the album 'Don't Remember - Can't Forget' in 2020. Despite this being close to four years ago, we are by no means talking about an artist who has been musically dormant on the lazy side.

In addition to working on his own songs, Pettersen has been actively involved as a contributor to other people's projects—both in the studio and live. Whether it's serving as a guitarist in Odd Nordstoga's live band or collaborating as a guitarist and musical sparring partner for artists like Ida Jenshus, Jonas Brekke, and Øyvind Holm."

"Supply/Demand" is Pettersen's third solo effort since his band, The South, fell apart. While the first two albums could probably be experienced as somewhat introverted and atmospheric, there is now an all-over, much more forward-leaning, and optimistic feel to Pettersen’s musical expression.

The first single, “Dance Again,” with its über-catchy keyboard hook and slightly strolling pop groove, was, in that sense, a clear signal that this time around we stand face to face with a songwriter who turns his gaze outward rather than inward.

“Dance Again” is by no means the only example. "Smile” is another infectious and jangly power pop gem, while 'On The Water' gives us a feather-light chamber pop experience. In other words, there are several songs here that have enough potential to stand on their own as singles.

The album's title represents feelings, needs and human longings that life does not always reciprocate or satisfy, but according to Pettersen, the concept lies more in sound than in thematics this time. Through soundscapes and instrumentation, each song attempts to bring to life associations and memories from key periods in Pettersen's own upbringing and life.

"Supply/Demand" was recorded in Brygga studio. Produced by Pettersen himself and his musical partner of many years, Pål Brekkås.


Previous releases by Alexander Pettersen:
Songwriter and lead singer in Norwegian americana outfit The South.
The band released four albums.

Guitarist, songwriting and musical sparring partner with Ida Jenshus. Alexander Pettersen plays on all of her nine albums.

“Supply/Demand” is the latest of three solo albums released in this period.


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