Black Moon Circle • Black Moon Circle - Sea Of Clouds (ultra ltd)
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Black Moon Circle • Black Moon Circle - Sea Of Clouds (ultra ltd)

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180G coloured vinyl (CD included)

Black Moon Circle - Sea Of Clouds

The cover art was designed by Marius Martinussen, who assembled one hundred 12” canvasses into a larger unit. After which, he painted the main cover motif. With this ultra ltd edition You will receive -

1 ltd Solid white & solid blue mixed  180gram vinyl (ltd to 300 copies only, CD included)

1 of the 100 original paintings numbered and signed by Marius Martinussen

1 numbered and signed photo of Black Moon Circle

1 of 100 BMC tote bags




Artwork and Layout by Marius Martinussen


Norwegian psychedelic space rock group Black Moon Circle was formed by Øyvin Engan (bass/vocals) and Vemund Engan (guitar) in 2012. Rising out of the ashes of the fast paced garage punk rock band The Reilly Express, the line-up was completed with the addition of Per Andreas Gulbrandsen on drums.

The sound of BMC combines prolonged jamming and heavy riffs, the extensive use of effects on bass and guitar and analogue synths oscilating with echoes and delays.

The band  released their self titled debut album in February 2014 on Space Rock Productions.

In April, the band returned to the studio and during an efficient one-day run, recorded  “Andromeda”, which was released by Crispin Clover Records/Stickman Records in October 2014. Both albums were received with great praise from the underground media, including Top 10 new bands by the Obelisk web site!

Their third record is "The Studio Jams Vol I: Yellow Nebula in the Sky", which is the first album in a triology of pure improvised instrumental jams.

The latest effort of the group is entitled "Sea of Clouds» and will be released by Crispin Glover Records in april, 2016.

Black Moon Circle will play at this year´s Roadburn festival and Pstereo festival.


The Obelisk
«… A blend of heavy psych jamming and grunge-styled heavy rock resulting in a memorable, heavy feel that´s laid back and exploratory but still reliant on structure to move forward»
The Obelisk
«… Black Moon Circle retain some of the roots of structured songwriting amid their propensity for jamming out into the stellar reaches…."
The Obelisk
« … showing commitment to songwriting as well as to instrumental exploration …»

OX- Fanzine

"Für Fans der alten Monster Magnet genauso geeignet wie für Hawkwind-Jünger." 


"Die 3-köpfige Band aus Trondheim schafft eine überzeugende Synthese aus Spacerock und Progrock, fein abgestimmt mit einer Prise Stoner." 

It’s no exaggeration to say, that Black Moon Circle, are one of the most exciting, talented and pioneering Norwegian groups. 

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