Blood On Wheels - Blood Money
Blood On Wheels - Blood Money
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Blood On Wheels - Blood Money

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Blood Money

180G coloured vinyl, transparent green and black mixed (CD included)



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Coverdesign by Frank Trana



There comes a time when clever hipster pop from Brooklyn doesn’t do the trick. Frantic Choruses sung by extremely happy people on top of a recorder solo will not fix your hangover. And a dreamy arpeggio played on an analogue synthesizer will not make you forget that your girlfriend left you for an idiot who is driving an electric car and lecturing about So-Me marketing. You miss the times when music grabbed you by the balls. When you were speeding on the highway with the stereo turned to 11 and got 5 guys crammed in the car wearing identical denim jackets and drinking warm cheap beer


Blood on Wheels are the guys who never got tired of classic rock. During High School they gave the nerds wedgies, drove the noisiest cars and had the girls begging for a lift. When they had problems they went to a bar or plugged in the guitars and screamed it out. Some things never change. So you will not see the rugged members of this band writing a blog with fancy fonts and ads to dating websites. After playing dirty clubs during winter and big festivals during summer of 2017 they finally got together for their anticipated third album, which will be released the 29´th of June 2018 in Norway and early July in the east of the EU.  Like the other albums you can expect big bottom drums, heavy riffs, screaming guitars and snarly vocals. 


These guys are not posing rock puddles pouting their way to stardom. These guys are all about honest rock and roll and live concerts. Songs about the darkness of living in a small Norwegian town with unfaithful women, a bankrupt brewery and 20 identical burger joints who’s charging 14 dollars for a beer that tastes like dog piss with a hint of cranberries. Their music smells of gasoline, cigarettes and alcohol. This is the music that’s going to make your blood boil and speeding tickets pile up. Check out their latest album ”Blood Money”. 


Since the band came together in 2009 they have gigged clubs, bars, celebrity events and festivals throughout Norway and is being referred to as «a hell of a live act». Place a foot in your TV and make sure to check this guys out when they come to a stage nearby! Time to get out of the sofa and check out music that sounds like fucking and fighting – and not like a half-defect fax machine on repeat with angel-choir vocals! 


Influenced by classic rock, V8 engines and everything between; this is Blood On Wheels!

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