Dog and Sky • Death's Got Talent
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Dog and Sky • Death's Got Talent

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Death's Got Talent

180G solid yellow vinyl, CD included.

Cover Illustrations by Thomas Raimondi

Layout by Håvard Gjelseth


If You live outside Norway it will cost a lot less to buy this version through Stickman Records.




Dog & Sky is a band from Trondheim that plays a quirky,
not-so-very-accessible belch of punkish slow-motion poetry.

"Death's Got Talent",  the band's third full length album, marches
nakedly into the obliterating blackness of this material,
psychological and spiritual dark age we are living in.  Peacefully and
violently it peels back the layers of this fake onion of confusion
that keeps us crying.

Dog & Sky is apple rocking pie with stalactites of brown cheese
dripping from the cave ceiling. But you were so in love with your
fork, you forgot the mirrored lake of your spoon.

The album is produced by Per Borten

Dog & Sky Is:

Matt Burt /vocal, guitar
Michael Duch, bass
Eirik Hegdal, saxophone
Truls Lorentzen, guitar
Vigdis Sjelmo, drums



Side A

One Trick Pony               8:09

Teenage Girl                   3:55

Just One Thing                2:51

Broken Needle                3:52

Working Girl                    4:08

Side B

Fog of War                       5:56

Desire                              4:42

Chewing Gum                  1:29

Ugly American                 2:19

Backstage Graffiti            3:11

Byggforsk                        4:39

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