Dog and Sky • Denver LP (CD included)
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Dog and Sky • Denver LP (CD included)

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180G transparent green vinyl (CD included)


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Dog & Sky,

Trondheim’s very own Beat poetry punk rock band celebrates the release of its latest album “Denver” at Trondheim’s Byscenen, the exact place where the band got its start 10 years ago at Harald Nissen’s 40 th birthday party.

A boat in the harbor may look very big, but far out at sea it seems quite small. A barn or tractor may also appear very large, very real… But are they? A red pickup truck. A black farm dog… Hanging it’s head in the wind, tongue out. Looking down from an airplane at the immense Midwestern prairie one isn’t quite so sure...

Putting the picture together by taking it apart. Heaven and Hell. Dog & Sky.The title “Denver”comes not the city itself but the attempt to get there. Interstate I-76 leading to Denver is like a slow-motion dream or nightmare: You drive to the top of one flatly arising hilltop only to find another one just like it. On annnd on annnnnnd
on… The kaleidoscope semi-truck wheels of our swirling hopes and fears are
much the same. And the only certainty you have is that the gas gauge always
lies. Welcome one and all!


”Dog & Sky is:

Matt Burt – vokal/gitar

Michael Duch –bass

Eirik Hegdal - sax

Truls Lorentzen – gitar

Vigdis Sjelmo – trommer

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