Dog and Sky / Your Headlights Are On • split 10"
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Dog and Sky / Your Headlights Are On • split 10"

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LTD 10" DAY026/NONE4CGR019.
Dog & Sky is a quirky mix of spoken word, rock, punk and experimental
music. The band centers
on the lyrical output of American artist Matt Burt who was first
introduced to the public in the early
90’s with a Dictaphone recorded track called Plan #1 on Motorpsycho’s
Demon Box album. Burt’s
work appears in Helge Sten’s (Deathprod) Treetop Drive album as well
Susanna and the Magical
Orchestra’s cover of the “These Days” on their Melody Mountain album.

The two tracks, “Smells Like Wet Dog” and “Peter Pan” features special
guests Svartlamon Hardkor,
shows a more fast & furious side of D&S. Their upcoming album, "Denver"
might be described as more  slow and somber as Burt nods to his forebears such
as Burroughs, Kerouac and Ginsberg but walks his own road in refusing
to be ensnared by their
paranoia, heroism and self-proclaimed grandeur.
On the flip side..... two haunting tracks by one of Trondheim's finest bands ever, "The Dream" & "Little Earth". Available on this ltd EP only.

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