Monolithic • Frantic Calm (extra ltd edition)
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Monolithic • Frantic Calm (extra ltd edition)

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Frantic Calm LP (CD included)
Limited edition yellow vinyl.
With exclusive silver on black silkscreen art print and tote bag.
100 copies.

Illustrations by Thomas Raimondi
Art direction by Håvard Gjelseth


Frantic Calm
Five years ago Monolithic parked their van outside Øra Studio in
Trondheim, Norway, after zig-zagging around Europe for weeks. A crappy
Toyota Hiace had doubled as a sweaty cocoon for a band that was
changing. Half beaten and half unstoppable after weeks in dark
european clubs Monolithic walked straight in to the studio and
literally punched out their second album "Frantic Calm" as if it was a
desperate fight to give the music one last deadly blow. And that´s
exactly what happened.

Now, five years later, Monolithic has finally taken the tapes out of
the vault, given an old mixer some serious voltage and fired up their
new album with an explosive force. This is a new Monolithic.
Uncompromising, angry, and just plain brutal. This is nothing more
than more of everything. This is Monolithic.

Monolithic is the fists and guts of Kenneth Kapstad (Motorpsycho and
others.) and Stian Westerhus.
Monolithic is releasing "Frantic Calm" on Crispin Glover
Records/Stickman Records in April/ May 2015.

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