Moving Oos - Romancer
Moving Oos - Romancer
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Moving Oos - Romancer

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180G Clear & slightly orange vinyl / CD included




Cover Photo : Geir Mogen

Layout : Håvard Gjelseth


Moving Oos was a celebrated band in Norway that released three albums from 2007 - 2010

The name "Moving Oos" is a reference to one of Neil Youngs descriptions of a specific type of backing vocals. 

The band was started by Per Borten (Spidergawd/Cadillac),  Frank Reppen (Blood On Wheels) & Haakon-Marius Pettersen (Turbonegro).

This group is more like a musicians collective than a standard band, and also performs as a backing band for other artists. 

The closest musical relative would be the American Motown band Rare Earth. 


Moving Oos went into hibernation in 2010, and woke up again in 2018. 

 The album consists of re-recordings of songs from their first two albums (Peace And Love, 2007 -  ...And Understanding, 2008). And a couple of brand new songs.



1.Rescue me

New re-arranged version, original track on Moving Oos' "...and understanding".

2.Minister of love

Re-recording, original version on  Moving Oos' "Peace and love".

3.Christine Stargazer

New song - a tribute to Christine McVie, the best songwriter in Fleetwood Mac.

4. Betty Bayou

New song. A tribute to Betty Davis.

5. The Show must go on

New re-arranged cover song, the original version can be found on Cadillac's debut album "Cure"

6. Never gonna let you down

New re-arranged version, original version on Moving Oos' "Peace and love".

7. It's only natural

New re-arranged version, original version on Moving Oos' "Peace and love".

8. Romancer

Re-recording, original version on Moving Oos' "Peace and love".



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