Soup • The Beauty of Our Youth
Crispin Glover Records

Soup • The Beauty of Our Youth

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The Beauty of Our Youth on 2 x 180G 
transparent, green and black vinyl mixed, CD included.

Cover photos by Lasse Hoile
Layout by Leiv Aspen & Erik Paulsen


Soup started in 2005 as Erlend Viken's bedroom side-project after
years of playing in various bands in the Trondheim rock scene. Initial
releases were characterized by DIY-culture and somewhat lo-fi
productions, but nevertheless showed an impressive skill of combining
electronica-samples, catchy and still intricate melodies into a
post-rock setting inspired by bands like Pink Floyd, Mogwai,
Motorpsycho and Sigur Ros.

After forming a live band with his childhood friends and the release
of the critically acclaimed 2010 album «Children of E.L.B.» and the
follow-up tour Viken was once again on his own when the band suddenly
left to pursue career opportunities. In 2011, Ørjan Langnes (Jack
Dalton, Elephantine) and Jan ToreMegård (Color Me Amazed, We Were
Lightning) joined forces with Viken, and after trying out several
drummers landed on Thomas Nyborg (Miran, Color Me Amazed) who joined
the band in the summer of 2012.

The band built up a reputation for being a powerful live act,
sometimes delivering 3-hour marathon shows and extended jams from
their entire backlog, and have supported bands such as Maserati and
Opethg, as well as headlining their own tour of Greece and Turkey in
the spring of 2013.

After winning Norway’s biggest musical scholarship in late 2014,
Nyborg left the band and was hastily replaced by Espen Berge
(Woodland) as Soup signed with Crispin Glover Records, planning the
European release of their latest album «The Beauty Of Our Youth» in
the spring of 2015 with the aid from the mighty Stickman Records.

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