Spidergawd • Spidergawd LP  (4th pressing, CD included)
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Spidergawd • Spidergawd LP (4th pressing, CD included)

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Spidergawd LP  (4th pressing, CD included)

The only Trondheim band that ever got close to intimidating Motorpsycho was Cadillac. This band,
lead by Per Borten, was a fearsome trio of madmen that for a while in the late 90s/early 00s were
serious contenders. But as these things always seem to do, they imploded in a blizzard of drugs and
other lunacy, and split up towards the end of the decade. Main man Per left town and started a
couple of other successful bands (The Moving Oos, The New Violators) before settling down to
concentrate on his record production skills in Halden in southern Norway.
Midway through a pretty devastating breakup a couple of years ago, he ran into Bent and Kenneth
from Motorpsycho, who promised they'd help him start a new kick-ass band dedicated to playing his
songs if he moved home. On their urging, among other things, he decided to do just that last year.
The 'psychos kept their word, and adding old friend Rolf Martin Snustad (Hopalong Knut,
Samvirkelaget) on baritone sax, the line-up was complete and the new band - named Spidergawd -
was born.

Musically, Per's new songs in many ways have a lot in common with the old Cadillac material, but
with the Kapstad/Sæther rhythm section doing their thing and the added grunt of the baritone, it
swings quite differently. There's also a new looseness and adventurous spirit in this music that few
other of Per's previous projects has had, while it still retains the immediacy and energy of the best of
them. Like a ZZ Top on MC5 drugs, Spidergawd's fuzzed out post-boogie assault is guaranteed to
bring joy to every full blooded rocknroller's heart: a grin to his lips and a throbbing to her loins...

Crispin Glover Records in cooperation with Stickman Records is proud to present Spidergawd's first
We hope you find as much goodness in it as we do!

The album comes on colored 180 gr. vinyl with stunning artwork and a CD copy included.

The boys are still busy with new material and there will be a new record in the pipeline for the end of
the year…

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