Spidergawd • Spidergawd - Spidergawd II (LTD 500copies)
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Spidergawd • Spidergawd - Spidergawd II (LTD 500copies)

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Spidergawd II  LP (3rd pressing CD included)
180G Solid silver vinyl, 500 copies world wide.


If You live outside Norway it will cost a lot less to buy this version through Stickman Records.

Cover illustrations : Emile Morel
Cover art direction : Håvard Gjelseth

SPIDERGAWD - II (press release from 2014)

Two years ago Spidergawd was a new entity. A band of veterans maybe,
but a new band and a new sound for most people.
Initially a laid back concern between friends Per Borten, Rolf Martin
Snustad, Kenneth Kapstad and Bent Sæther, the music
the quartet came up with soon proved itself too good to contain in a
rehersal room. Starting out as a loose amalgam of blues and hard rock,
the music evolved rapidly and the band soon found its own voice. Their
self-titled debut album was recorded at their fifth rehersal in May

One year ago, after a couple of 7” single releases, their first album
on Crispin Glover Records was in the stores. Word was out and the buzz
was increasingly loud: this band’s the real deal! Their hard rock
stylings translated surprizingly well onto vinyl, and this was
actually a great little record!
The album may have been somewhat stymied by expectations due to some
of the member’s other carreers, but the public soon realized that
Spidergawd was its own thing, and both in Norway and abroad the
reception was uniformly positive.
The record release in the spring of 2014 was followed by both domestic
and international gigs, and in addition to prestige bookings like the
Øya Festival in Oslo last summer, the band both headlined their own
shows and enjoyed a special guest slot on Berlin hard rockers
Kadavar's european tour in the fall of 2014.

This year the Norwegian hard rock quartet is releasing their sophomore
effort. Self produced and recorded at main man Per Borten’s own studio
at Ler just south of Trondheim in September 2014, the album contains
nine new songs that both continue and expand on the sound Spidergawd
established on their first record: the blues stylings are more
pronounced, the grooves are fatter, the light is lighter and the shade
is deeper, and the songs are perhaps even better.
One thing is for sure: the Spidergawd brand of boogie is if anything
even fiercer this time around, and as their recording career gains
momentum through the efforts of Crispin Glover and Stickman Records,
promotors, hepcats and fans everywhere eagerly await another round of
rock’n’roll goodness this spring. The web is woven, Spidergawd is on
the prowl!

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