Spidergawd - Spidergawd VII (LTD 180G Hazy Red vinyl / CD included)
Spidergawd - Spidergawd VII (LTD 180G Hazy Red vinyl / CD included)
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Spidergawd - Spidergawd VII (LTD 180G Hazy Red vinyl / CD included)

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Spidergawd VII (forth edition)

180G LTD Hazy red vinyl / CD included.

Sealed in a PVC sleeve with the Spidergawd logo printed on the front.



Cover illustrations : Emile Morel

Cover art direction : Håvard Gjelseth


Closer to the truth. 
New studio album, and 10th year anniversary. 

Ever since the band found its true north in the wake of Spidergawd III and started recording twin guitars on Spidergawd IV, the goal has been to search for good songs more than anything else. 
The band are more confident than ever that they have found THE recipe for what Spidergawd is all about. This is a band that consists of 5 members that are full time musicians who between them play all kinds of genres. But the essence of what the band should be can now be found on the last 4 albums (including no.VII)

Although the new songs might be catchier/poppier than ever, the sound of the new album is easily traceable back to Spidergawd IV and V. 
Album no VI was an inspiring and interesting trip into how "direct" and tidy their sound could be. In the schooling of bands like Thin Lizzy and 80's pop-heavy. 
The new album is significantly muddier, messier and bigger. -Everything that takes the listener closer to what's going down on stage in a live Spidergawd performance. Tracks like Sands of time, The Tower, Your Heritage or Dinosaur should prove that the band is on fire like ever before. 

Like all the albums before this one, this new one is the band's favourite album so far. 

Quick guide through the tracks: 
"Sands of time" is a heartfelt excuse from Per to Brynjar trying to say he is sorry for badmouthing one of Brynjars all time favorite bands. 
"The Tower" is a political song, about Per's concerns around how the new strong right wing winds have a degenerating effect on art. 
"Dinosaur" is dedicated to the loving memory of one of Per's best friends, who was a motorcycle enthusiast. 
His favorite bike was a TRX. 
"Bored to death" is a song for a young local club-owner who is on the verge of working herself to death trying to make our hometown a more interesting place to live. 
"Your heritage" the already promoted single. A song about acceptance.  
About finding your way back home to your true self. Not necessarily your preferred self.  
"Afterburner" is also a political song. Per was born into a politically engaged family. This does not mean he is of the same political conviction as all of his relatives..
"Anchor song" is almost a preordered song by one of Per's close friends who strongly felt the new album should contain a better version of a song like S.IV's Stranglehold.  
"..and nothing but the truth" (don't shoot the messenger) Typical signature close-up song for Spidergawd. Lengthy and full of progressive elements. 

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