Sugarfoot / Motorpsycho • LTD split 7"   (300 copies only)
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Sugarfoot / Motorpsycho • LTD split 7" (300 copies only)

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LTD solid gold vinyl

Sugarfoot "THESE ARE DAYS" is a recording exclusively prepared for you for this
split 7” between Motorpsycho and Sugarfoot.

You wake up - dazed, confused, and wearing your best shirt inside-out.
It is the morning after a big party. You look around; see a vast
battlefield of empty bottles and other debris from the night before
scattered across the room. You call out for your girlfriend, but she’s
nowhere to be found. In your head you hear the distant echoes of a
loud and upsetting fight. Sharp bolts of pain spread from your hand
and out through your body, as you notice the hole in your living room
door – These are days.

Motorpsycho recorded "Stay Young" (a track from the 1975 Gallagher &
Lyle album, "Breakaway") on March 5th, 2014
for Thomas Seltzers talkshow, Trygdekontoret. They are accompanied by
Roar Øien on pedal steel.

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