Terry Lee Hale - Proof of a Promise
Crispin Glover Records

Terry Lee Hale - Proof of a Promise

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180 G transparent vinyl


Photos by Franck Betermin

Layout and coverdesign by Håvard Gjelseth




Zurück in die Zukunft a sub label of Crispin Glover Records is proud
to present Terry Lee Hale’s first instrumental recording, ‘Proof Of A
Promise’ on vinyl. Self-produced and recorded at his own Rue Voltaire
studio just outside Paris.

‘Proof Of A Promise’ features 10 instrumental songs. Those songs range
in style from solo guitar work (i.e. Etude Bella, Matt Diamond Theme)
to the more heavily produced studio efforts (Cigarette Run, The Sable
Venus).  Warm, cohesive, imaginative and fun, all of these songs
showcase Hale on a variety of settings and styles.

Mixed by long time collaborator Chris Eckman (Walkabouts, Dirt Music,
Tamikrest) and mastered by Denis Blackham (Cocteau Twins, Michael
Oldham, Jimi Hendrix)

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