The Pink Moon - Cosmic Heart Attack. (LTD Coloured vinyl with 3D glasses)
The Pink Moon - Cosmic Heart Attack. (LTD Coloured vinyl with 3D glasses)
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The Pink Moon - Cosmic Heart Attack. (LTD Coloured vinyl with 3D glasses)

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The Pink Moon - Cosmic Heart Attack

180G LP / CD included / 3D Glasses Included

Cover Illustrations by Marie Capriata

3D layout by Per Spjøtvold



“Cosmic Heart Attack!”

An album of 9 new songs drenched in vigorous garagepunk, whimsical freakbeat and
rickety psychedelia, even an adventurous stroll to the outer limits of psychjazz on one of the songs.

Recorded by the band in what is mostly one - or two takers, it captures the band in
what is their strongest element, the spontaneity and the common energy they ‘re able to create together. As a matter of fact, the last song on the album, aptly named “New Beginnings”, was the first piece they recorded for the album and arose from an impromptu jam checking the sound in the studio.

The first single from the album is “Runnin’ on Fumes”, a riffbashing monster in the veins of MC5, Sonics Rendezvous Band and other delights from the Detroit-area, it spurts out desperate howls and an anger over broken promises.

Enlisting the saxophone of Mr Snustad from fellow labelcolleagues Spidergawd, adds a sexy flavour to both “New Beginnings” and the Rock ‘n Soul-drama of “Cut You Loose”.

The Pink Moon always try to record a good version of one or two of their musical inspirations on their albums and this time they’ve done “So You Say You Lost Your Baby” by Gene Clark, from his fabulous record with The Gosdin Brothers. Done in a frantic garagey version complete with jangly acoustic guitars and soothing mellotrons. It’s already a modern gem!

The Pink Moon is;
Morten Kristiansen - vocals, guitars and main songwriting.
(Previously played in Hedge Hog / Thrush/ Diamond Dancers)

Even Granås - drums, percussion and backing vocals.
(Thrush / Sugarfoot / The International Tussler Society)

Øyvind Holm - bass, backing vocals.
(Dipsomaniacs / Sugarfoot / DWG)

Lars Gullichsen - keyboards, backing vocals
(Tremolo Wankers / Seid)

All members have been and is a big part of the blossoming music scene in Trondheim. They’ve been involved in over 70 releases and played scenes and festivals all over Europe and USA.

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