The Pink Moon • Let The Devil Take Tomorrow
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The Pink Moon • Let The Devil Take Tomorrow

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Let The Devil Take Tomorrow
180G solid red vinyl (CD included)



Coverdesign & layout: Even Granås

The Pink Moon is a psychedelic garage-rockband from Trondheim, formed in 2013.

The band currently consists of primary songwriter and core member Morten Kristiansen (vocals, guitar), Øyvind Holm (bass), Even Granås (drums), Mathias Nylenna (guitar) and Lars Gullichsen (keyboards).

Combining the raw power of early protopunk-bands like MC5 and The Stooges with the psychedelic rhythm and blues of Small Faces and The Who, they form an explosive and melodic act, drenched in the spirit of the 60s. 

In 2014 they released their self titled debut EP, a tantalizing cornucopia of unrelenting fuzz, tremolo and garage-psych accoutrements, and ever since they’ve been playing local garages and festivals in Norway.


“Let The Devil Take Tomorrow” is a new set of full-on garagepunk, psychedelics and jangly soulnumbers, and will be released during fall 2017. 

Recorded at Angeltrøa Studios, a barnyard studio they share with local compadres Sugarfoot,  10 songs made its way to the final line-up. 

Mixed by the infamous Marcus Forsgren (Jaga Jazzist/Lionheart Brothers) in Oslo, who gave it the real 60s treatment by adding reverbs and delays where it was suited.

Including a feisty rendition of “Baby Let Me Follow You Down”, a version we think his Bobness might approve of. Who? Dylan, of course.

So there you have it, The Pink Moon – they’re out there!






Vocals, guitar Morten Kristiansen (Hedge Hog/Thrush/Diamond Dancers)

Bass, vocals Øyvind Holm (Sugarfoot/Dipsomaniacs/Deleted Waveform Gatherings)

Drums Even Granås (Sugarfoot/The International Tussler Society/Thrush)

Guitar Mathias Nylenna (Angora Static/ Snøras)

Keyboards         Lars Gullichsen (Seid/Tremolo Wankers)

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