Dog and Sky • When You Die 7"
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Dog and Sky • When You Die 7"

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7" NONE1CGR002.
Dog & Sky is a Norwegian band fronted by the American singer-song writer Matt Burt.  Matt collaborated with Motorpsycho on Demon Box & Blizzard.  Susanna and the Magical Orchestra covered one of his early songs, These Days, on their album titled Melody Mountain

If you cooked together Jack Kerouac, Sonic Youth, Neil Young and finished it off with a hot cup of coffee and piece of rhubarb pie...  
Dog & Sky is a band for people who place a premium on lyrics you can chew on.  And the music is damn straight --  no hiding.  
The vocals are not for the faint-of-heart, so if you want pretty boy singing -- stay home and play with your hamster.  

Vigdis Sjelmo brings energy tempered with discipline to the drums.  Michael Duch's trademark bass sound speaks grown-up punk.  Truls Lorentzen knows his guitar so well that he has nothing to prove (the beginnings of genuine generosity).  Eirik Hegdal's unsaxy saxophone means air strike improvisation, the intelligent kind.  

Check 'em out. (And don't forget the part about the hamster.)

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